A safe, fit and more
satisfying working environment

Work & Health

Prevention, clarification and help

Healthy and well-motivated employees are the prerequisite for successful business operations. So we actively promote and support our employees' well-being and performance. We want them to stay healthy!

The working population is getting older and fewer young people are joining the workforce. This is the reason why LANXESS has launched the Demographic Programme "XCare". Our aim here is to address the demographic change with future-oriented concepts in five areas: "Work and family life", "people and health", "savings and retirement provision", "time and organisation" as well as "work and training". The focus here is always upon the individual – because motivated, satisfied and healthy employees are the key to our corporation's success.

Fit and strong in the future

The company health management (BGM) at LANXESS focuses on prevention. Health measures range from advisory services to ergonomic work places up to programmes for combating stress and healthy nutrition.

We also support employees who are perhaps already ill or have been absent from work for longer periods for health reasons with our company integration management scheme (BEM). Professional BEM teams seek possible solutions by working with the respective employees and as such to facilitate a fast return to working life. At the employee's request we check, for example, which measures are suitable in order to minimise the risk of a renewed outbreak of their illness.

Systematic work safety

In addition to the health management programmes LANXESS also focuses on high safety, environmental and health protection standards at all its company locations. We want to identify risks early on and to avoid accidents and dangers for people and the environment. The corporate-wide integrated HSEQ-Management System is responsible for the implementation – the abbreviation HSEQ stands for Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality.

LANXESS records incidents which occur despite the extensive safety precautions in a worldwide electronic registration system and steps are then introduced to prevent repetitions. Our aim is to reduce the accident quotas even further and to guarantee high safety levels in the long-term.